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What is frankincense? Arrording to Encyclopedia Brittanica it is a Fragrant gum resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia (family Burseraceae), particularly several varieties found in Somalia, Yemen, and Oman. This important incense resin was used in ancient times in religious rites and in embalming. It constituted part of the Jewish incense of the sanctuary and is […]

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Smudging is a common practice among Lakota people for the cleansing of energy through the burning of sage, cedar, and sweet grass. These substances emit certain smells that are pleasing to the Great Mystery. Sage is the cleanest smell of the desert, and is also given to us by the Creator. Cedar is burned while […]

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While the shiny material of pearls and abalone shells has long been prized for its iridescence and aesthetic value in jewelry and decorations, scientists admire mother-of-pearl for other physical properties as well. Also called nacre (“NAY-ker”), mother-of-pearl is 3,000 times more fracture-resistant than the mineral it is made of, aragonite, says Pupa Gilbert, a physicist […]

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Sweat Lodges: A Medical View Lawrence R. Berger, MD, MPH; and J. Eric Rounds, BS, MA, The Lovelace Clinic Foundation, Albuquerque, New Mexico Introduction Sweat lodges are becoming increasingly popular both within Native American communities and among nonIndians.1-3 In addition to their traditional use for purification of mind, body, and spirit, sweats are now frequently […]

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Native Americans had a variety of tools and symbols that helped them manage and continue their culture. One such tool was the Talking Stick. The talking stick is a ceremonial tool that was used in tribal council meetings. Passing the talking stick from one person to another was a kind and respectful way for individuals […]

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