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Organic Ceremonial Sage

Welcome to the home of organic indigenous desert sage from the high desert of Utah.

Sage has been used for centuries by tribal peoples and is still used today in ceremony and ritual. Sage is an element all its own. It can outlast the heat of the high deserts in Utah, California, and Arizona. It can withstand the extreme cold temperatures of the high desert snow.

Sage smudge wands are typically used for clearing and purifying negative energies from a thing, space or person. Sometimes another herb or flower is used either in conjunction with or after a sage bundle. The intention of smudging is usually to cleanse and bless and bring positive or whatever influences you are looking for into a person or space

The high desert sage that we offer is unique for several reasons. The sage wands we sell are fresh. They are hand-picked at high elevations in the Southwest Mountains of Utah. The sage that we harvest is in the very valleys that were once traveled and territory of Native Americans. In fact, the Shivwits Paiute Indian Nation is still living near where the sage is harvested.

We offer organice desert sage in wands, by the ounce and also offer abalone shells as well for sage burning and ceremony.

I encourage you to peruse the site and read more about the high desert sage and symbolic process that it can have for ceremony and ritual.

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