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High Desert Organic Sage

Some of our customers have asked us what the difference is with our High Desert Sage. While it is true, not all sage is created equally. Here are some of the significant points that make our premium sage a cut above the other sage available.

Our organic desert sage goes unrivaled. The canyons it is harvested in have been found to contain broken pottery, obsidian flecks, and other indications that the sage is on holy ground and was once inhabited by native peoples.

  • All High Desert Sage is cut locally in Southern Utah by hand with careful attention to low impact harvesting.
  • The plants are collected in such a way that the plant is sustainable. For example this means not pulling up root systems or otherwise harming the sage, harvesting just enough so that the plant will continue to thrive and grow in its natural environment. Attention to the wilderness and care in working with the sage is absolutely essential in respecting and preserving the beauty of the canyons and valleys we harvest the sage from.
  • All sage smudges and sage herb is tied with hemp rope. We DO NOT use cotton or other products with dyes or plastics of any kind. Other large dispensaries that sell herbs, incense, and smudges cannot guarantee the freshness of their sages nor can they ensure you know where it was harvested and by whom. We guarantee organic fresh smudges every time with hemp cordage.
  • All sage is kept in sterile containers to protect the quality and nature of the sage. It is picked by hand and considered sacred in light of it’s role as a agent for sage smudging ceremonies and ritual.
  • Smudges are hand-packed and shipped so as to retain the quality, form, and properties of the organic sage.
  • We guarantee all smudges in top quality shipping or your money back.

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